“To Longmoor Farm” 2005

“To Longmoor Farm” 2005

About the Artwork

I have always been a landscape artist. For as long as I can remember, I have studied the scenery and natural beauty around me.  Recurring subjects include landforms, shadows and the sky. I find the expanse of the clouds to be humbling and enticing, as it gives me a sense of where we humans fit in the vast history of all things. At the same time, I enjoy the challenge of capturing the fleeting moments of change in the landscape, the way shadows define the contours of roads and hills, the wild edges of farmland. Some of the drawings I have created capture scenes that no longer exist; views that have been erased by the development of our rapidly growing county in the exurbs of Washington, DC. For me, these works serve as a kind of elegy for Loudoun's past as we push on into the future.

It takes time for ideas to develop before I am ready to commit them to paper. Pastels offer immediacy and a directness which are an important foil to that “fermentation” period because they allow me to work quickly as my ideas evolve. I occasionally work in other media, including oils and woodcut prints. Having learned to hand-spin yarn as a child, I also have a lifelong affinity for fiber arts and enjoys knitting and needle felting once in a blue moon.



Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Hope Hanes has lived and worked in western Loudoun County, Virginia as an artist, arts advocate and teacher for over twenty years. She has BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, where she focused on painting and printmaking, and eventually earned her MAT in Museum Education from George Washington University. Over the years, she gradually returned to her love of drawing, finding it the best expression of her artistic vision while being deeply satisfying in its physicality.

She is a co-founder and former Artistic Director of Round Hill Arts Center, and was instrumental in the establishment of the Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour as an annual celebration of Loudoun’s thriving art community. Continuing as an Elementary Art Educator for Loudoun County Public Schools, she balances her time between work and family life while pursuing continued artistic growth.

Hope’s work has been included in numerous shows across the region, including at the Alexandria Art League Gallery (Torpedo Factory), Purcellville Art Gallery, Oatlands Plantation, the former Gallery 222, the Red Barn Exhibit at Waterford Fair, and the Burwell-Morgan Mill. She has been featured in Elan Magazine and was awarded Best Loudoun Artist by the Waterford Fair in 2015.

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